Gain a Competitive Edge with Automation

Automation, RPA, machine learning, AI, advanced capture – all of these technologies promise huge ROI. But for most organizations, getting started on them is a Herculean task. That’s where Connectis Technologies can help.

Digital Transformation Through Process Automation

In the modern workplace, automated processes confer a huge advantage on the companies that utilize them to their fullest – while organizations that wait to pursue these new technologies risk falling behind forward-thinking competitors. Mid-market organizations that take advantage of the workflow automation process today can:

  • 1
    Accelerate success
  • 2
    Speed up processing of back office work
  • 3
    Let their workforce focus on higher-value items
  • 4
    Speed up delivery and build on ROI
  • 5
    Reduce manual process and human error

Improve Your Workplace Resiliency with Connectis Technologies

At Connectis, we specialize in helping mid-market organizations take advantage of automation. Our time-tested automation adoption framework will help you develop a demand prioritization framework to ensure you’re always automating the highest-value tasks.


The OpenText RightFax platform focuses on establishing intelligent workflows to modernize the office, improve productivity, ensure compliance and lower costs. Cloud hosting solutions and integration of multi-function printer devices make OpenText a highly valuable tool for paper-heavy offices.

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Ever found yourself engaging in an increasingly desperate search for a document or file that doesn’t seem to be anywhere you would expect it to be? Those sorts of searches are a thing of the past for organizations that utilize M-Files. The tool is designed to improve accessibility, organizing content based on what it contains – not where it’s stored.



Document processing and workflow optimization are the name of the game with Kofax and its Capture automation platform. Kofax Capture uses pre-built intelligent document processing features to complete automate organizational workflows, easily integrating all the relevant data and categorizing it for easy retrieval.



Microsoft offers a number of process automation tools, including 0365 Teams, Modern Workplace, Azure and Power Platform. BPS Technologies is a Microsoft Partner, which means we can offer access to and guidance with a number of Microsoft platforms to make your workplace operations run quicker and more smoothly.


Our Professional Services Offerings

Connectis supports clients in nearly every industry with innovative solutions to complex business problems. Our consultants offer thought leadership around the entire software development life cycle, from design and build to deployment and maintenance. Our team works to achieve the highest possible ROI on your technology investments. From complete outsourced projects to advisory and augmentation services, Connectis leverages top talent and proven delivery methodologies to deliver the highest quality solutions.


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